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  • But for those interested in more contemporary luggage, there is a If you never encountered a bag bar before and frankly, who has? think of it as being like one of those revolving sushi bars.You perch on a stool but rather than seeing plates of salmon sashimi passing in front of you, there are heavily logoed bits of Louis Vuitton luggage, like a fairground attraction for millionaires, or the ultimate Generation Game.is a happy store, said one of the black clad, beautiful, young female sales assistants.is supposed to make you laugh.I nearly cried when I inquired about the prices.There are very few price tags, I soon learned, as these are vulgar, according to management.Strange how different people have different definitions of.5000 relics from Titanic to be auctioned Five thousand items recovered from the Atlantic grave of the Titanic, from a 17 tonne piece of the hull to china used to serve first class passengers, will go on auction in New York a century after the liner sank.The auctioneers estimate the lot will sell for a whopping $US189 million $A182.The items, a handful of which went on display on Thursday, are a sometimes ghostly reminder of the 1500 people who perished when the supposedly unsinkable White Star liner, sailing out of Southampton, England, went down.Hints of the glamorous life on board abound, such as crystal decanters from the first class cabins, a battered chandelier from the A la Carte Restaurant, silver platters and blue and gold porcelain dishes.cheap jerseys The compass monitored by watch officers in the wheelhouse is for sale, along with a running light, a trio of bronze whistles from a funnel, and a bell.cheap jerseys Among the most poignant objects is a well preserved megaphone.The auctioneers say it may have been the one used by the captain as he directed the evacuation into lifeboats and gave his final command: Abandon ship.Carrying 2200 people, it was at the time the largest moving object built.When the ship sank, what was a 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safety implications if sold through unofficial channels online.Around 1 percent of marks submitted so far come from companies manufacturing cosmetics, while 0.8 percent relates to pharmaceutical and medical products.Without registering marks, ICANN argues that brand owners leave themselves open to cybersquatting and typo squatting.Last year, a whitepaper by NetNames said that cybersquatting costs trademark holders more than $1 million per brand.Less than 10 percent of the marks entered into the TMCH relate to clothing and footwear, which could leave household apparel brands vulnerable to infringement, ICANN said.In the past, brands like Louis Vuitton have dealt with typo squatters who sell counterfeit goods.The highest number of applications submitted to the TMCH relate to scientific or teaching apparatus, 23 percent, while trademarks associated with advertising or business management account for 22 percent of registrations.Sporting or entertainment account for 16 percent of 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VacavilleEast SacramentoEl Dorado Hills / Cameron Park / PlacervilleElk GroveFair Oaks / Carmichael Folsom / OrangevaleLand Park / PocketLincoln / Marysville / Yuba CityLodi / Galt / LindenManteca / Tracy / RiponMidtown / Downtown / Old Sac / N.The Sacramento Valley High Tech Crimes Task Force, operating under a federal grant targeting intellectual property crimes, raided a home in an upscale north Stockton neighborhood May 21.Task force members said the home belongs to a key player in the counterfeit ring.On Tuesday, task force members showed off some of the $500,000 worth of counterfeit products seized in the raid at the Stockton home and several other locations.Ramos said the counterfeit ring kept a lean inventory, importing only enough products that it could sell quickly to avoid excess expense and risk.This is a piece of a much larger puzzle, Ramos said.An FBI agent who asked not to be identified because he works undercover, pointed out obvious flaws in some of the products.A 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